Thursday, June 21, 2012


So today my husband asked me why I was talking so fast. About an hour later I thought of a comeback and said to him: Maybe I am not talking fast, maybe you are listening slow and I am offended you think everything is always my fault.

Then later I was explaining to my husband that I am speaking on this symposium and I had to proof the title slide to make sure my name was spelled correctly. It reads:
Noelle Matta CO 
I then informed my husband that I had emailed some people to ask them if I should correct the location and change it to:
Noelle Matta CO
I got some great advice that perhaps I should not go as broad as Canadia but make it more specific by stating I am a Newfie. Then it was further explained to me that Newfoundland (my homeland, of course, more on that in another edition) is kind of like the Arkansas of the USA. So this still does not help me, do I change my slide to:
Noelle Matta CO
Newfoundland (the Arkansas Canadia)

Oh it is so confusing. 

So I went on to explain to my husband that I think I like tea and not coffee because I am Canadian (or perhaps Canfie or Newdia trying to combine Newfie and Canadian) and since the Queen (Liz) rules over Canadia I must be influenced by her. Her then carried the laundry downstairs muttering that there is no queen of Canadia so I had to prove it to him and read him this website:

I then decided that I would like to become the queen of Canadia, or perhaps just Newfoundland and he did not believe I had it in me. That was offensive to me, as my husband shouldn't he have to support me in all my goals?

And then I went to the book store and some young no-good man came strolling out of the bathroom with a magazine in his hand mid paragraph and he totally put it back on the shelf and it just made me realize how most moments in life can be related back to a sinefeld episode that I do not use YouTube enough.

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